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  • Emotional Fitness
  • In The Mind’s Eye
  • How to Successfully Foolproof Your New Year’s Resolution
  • How to Visualize
  • Synthetic Experience (creating positive images)
  • Virtual Sleeping Pill (sleep all night)
  • Learn the Art of Visualization for Peak Performance
  • Metaphor Engineering
  • Mental Toughness

"Well done is better than well said."

Cerebral Sports offers group workshops, clinics and individual mind and body coaching sessions for a variety of sports. These programs are designed to help athletes improve the mental aspects of their game and enhance their overall performance. 

I have developed a mind empowering program for sports performance because as Arnold Palmer put it “Success in any game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”  

Cerebral Sports is the only hands-on instruction addressing psychological mind-body connection in sports performance in the area. I address how the body does what the mind instructs it to do. 

The mind is the most important tool an athlete has in performance. Cerebral Sports offers 3-hour introductory and advanced workshops, intensive all-day workshops, 5-week clinics and individual mental coaching at a variety of locations in the region. 

These workshops are for the person who wants more than just a one-way flow of information that you get from reading a book or watching a DVD on the subject. Certified, professionals trained in psychological principals provide all instruction at Cerebral Sports.

The classroom setting provides a thorough overview of the keys to a strong mental performance. Each student is able to privately explore their own trigger points and develop a personalized work plan to help them bring their “A” game every time. 

I have two instructors at the workshops to keep our student teacher ratio low so participants get the direction and support they need to learn and the information. Our instructors have years of experience in helping people develop and master a wide range of performance abilities. I work with athletes of all ages and their coaches to support coordination of overall performance improvement.

My introductory workshop is designed to give the athlete a good base of understanding of their mental game performance by helping them identify strengths and gaps in their mind skills set. I also provide what is needed to establish the primary psychological skills for strong sustained mental performance in sport. Most sport psychology focuses primarily on visualization and thinking. Both important aspects of the mental game, however there is a great deal more to creating a solid mental performance. 

I cover these and much more. I teach the essential tools to build a solid foundation for mental performance. I help athletes learn how to master the skills rather then just tell them “focus”, “stop thinking that”, or “relax” and give them a process to establish mental strategy to work with the tools and skills.

My advanced workshops kick it up a notch and builds on the foundational elements of a solid mental game. In the advanced workshops athletes use the preliminary information, tools, and skills of a solid mental game and learn how to combine these to heighten focus, clear performance blocks, eliminate over arousal, and stay cool under pressure. Additionally, participants will be taught advanced techniques such as an imagery targeted interweave to develop neural pathways that run the body during sport performance and how to create a self trance state for ultimate performance. These strengthen and create strong, healthy communication between the mind and body for peak sport performance. 

My clinics provide a more intimate setting with group size of 8-12. With low student/instructor ratio. Clinics are designed to allow for personal in depth learning and of the primary mind empowering skills.  

Each week I focus on a different skill set and mind empowering performance techniques. I assist participants in mastering the skill tailored to their game. The clinic series covers visualization skills, mental strategy, relaxation & controlled arousal techniques, identifying and addressing performance blocks, and an introduction to self-hypnosis methods. 

My individual instruction is all about you. An individual psychological coaching session allows me to tailor instruction to your game in a private setting. We can work with you in my office, in your own venue or on the phone as well as with your specific instructor. I can provide an assessment of both your mental and or physical fitness, develop a plan to create desired changes in targeted areas, and learn the needed skills to create the change for improved performance.

Herman Johnson, BA, SPC, MAT, C.Ht, SH, CFT developed this exclusive sport performance improvement curriculum. I have over 30+ years of experience working with mental performance improvement. 

I have enjoyed success with competitive sports, degrees in psychology/sociology and is trained in hypnosis. Additional experience as a Sports Psychology Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Fitness Trainer and Coaching combine to create a comprehensive approach to my instruction. Any instructors involved will bring a deep level of expertise to help athletes develop a performance mindset and the necessary mental skills that will result in improved performance, increased success in competition as well as an enriched and more enjoyable athletic experience. 

The primary goal of Cerebral Sports is to enhance the proper mind body connection for peak performance. I assist in learning how to create consistency between the fundamental mental actions in athletics and the fundamental physical actions in each sport. I teach how to create a performance mindset and how to eliminate conflicts in the mind that create over excitement and or competing excitement (thoughts and emotions in conflict) that impede optimal performance. Creating a consistent performance mindset has three main areas of skill development. Helping a person become ready for optimal performance requires the development of a mindset with a strong personal relationship with confidence, commitment, right control, and challenge. 

The second main area of a performance mindset involves the ability to function easily with mental strategy goals and decision making to set the foundation for the mind to perform optimally. Finally, a balanced and quiet mind must accompany the cognitive aspects for optimal performance or the best-laid mental strategy will be overridden by the sympathetic nervous system’s autonomic responses. I teach people specific techniques and skills to create and maintain limited controlled excitement and to develop and enhance mental skills to support peak performance.

The techniques range from simple relaxation and visualization techniques to cognitive restructuring and metal strategy to more complex neural integration, clearing and development through imagery targeted interweaves neural pathway development, hypnosis and more. 

Contact information

Herman Johnson, BA, SPC, MAT, C.H.t, SH, CFT


Cell: 518-260-3588

Glens Falls NY 12801