"Dear Mr. Johnson,

Thank you so much for your recent presentation for A.L.L 'In the Mind's Eye." I make use of the techniques you taught us whenever I feel stress or worry. The calming energy seems to immediately change m outlook and brighten my mood. -O- never felt so good! I especially like the sharing and participation by the group as they shared their discomforts and striving toward that zero goal. It was good to be reminded that the subconscious mind is always alert and aware.

I truly believe your cal demeanor and ability to rewire the brain will continue to help others discover their hidden potential to overcome whatever obstacles they may encounter."

Thanks & God bless

A.L.L. member

"Life is so amazing Herman it is always so surprising how things fall together..... I continue to be in awe of divine intervention. You really were the one to open my eyes to so much I had never thought about or had experienced.

Thanks !"


"Thank you Herman!

Your techniques got me on a better track, I needed your words - it was helpful!"

Many Blessings

Your way,


The trauma of witnessing the sudden death of one that I loved and depended on daily was almost more than I could handle. The stress locked my jaw and my muscles were in knots. I couldn't get past the loss of someone so precious to me. Inside I was screaming in pain but had to function on a daily basis. holding it all in did terrible things to my body and I had to see a specialist and go to physical therapy. it was my physical therapist who recommended Herman after weeks of little improvement.

The sessions were a God-send. I am so much better now. I can talk about my loss and not break down. The release of all that I held in has made such a tremendous difference. My physical and mental conditions have greatly improved. I don't know what I would have done if I had not had Herman to work with. I was so tired of the pain and desperation I felt and nothing else was working.


As a client, I highly recommend Herman as an intuitive, compassionate, and highly skilled professional.

I came to Herman with:

  • 35 year nicotine addiction
  • Lifelong patterns of an eating disorder
  • A disc in my low back that was sitting at a 45 degree angle

I am free from nicotine, I no longer obsess over food, and my pain level is 95% improved.

I was told the next step for my back was an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Most of us use terms like alternative and non-conventional once we have exhausted all options. make this call your first priority, not a last resort.

He will save you time, money and the frustration of looking for the help you need.

Call Herman!

Eternally grateful

Laura Waller,

Interior Designer

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. CerebralSports was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”


Aww...shucks. Hey, just got word from David Storey at Look TV (formerly TV-8) and you're in the book for a 5 p.m. live interview Sept. 1. Studios are right across from the Civic Center...and almost directly across Park from the old Nautilus. How auspicious is that?! You're going to Enlighten the masses here - yay!

 Stacey Morris 

To: Herman Johnson

From: Dawn Gray

A thankful client!
I met Herman at a water ski tournament in Washington during the summer of 2007. My back and hips had been troubling me since I had my son in July 2006.
I quickly discovered that there was more to work on than muscle pain.

Since the first day I met Herman and he worked with me doing EFT and more, I have moved into the direction of being healthy inside and out.

I can not thank him enough for working with me to help me re-discover myself.

Through his work and my work, I have made a complete change in the way I view myself and my every day life. My entire outlook has shifted from what was very negative and “poor me”, to “I can do this”.

After working on my own thoughts and fears from the past, I was able to free myself of these worries and then the healing began.

Today I can sleep well, play with my 16 month old son w/o pain and frustration, exercise, approach each day with a warmer, happier feeling inside.

Herman does such a fine job of working with you to find out what the true root of your “pains”, worries, fears et cetera…are.

I have noticed positive changes in every area of my life. “Each day in every way” I have been “getting better and better!”

Thank you Herman for who you have chosen to be. You have truly helped me and I wish you success in all that you do.

P.S. Since I wrote in regarding how Herman has helped me. My number one goal when I first met with Herman was met. Here’s a little background first:

My husband and I spent 7 years trying to conceive our first child, which ended up happening with the help of IVF, In Vitro Fertilization. Alex was born in the Summer of 2006. We really wanted to have 2 children and I did not want to go through all of the tests, shots, hormones….etc…again!

Since I started working with Herman, I've relaxed and changed my whole outlook on life, my health and how I respond to outside influences. All of this has lead to achieving my ultimate goal. On December 27th, 2007 I was excited to call Herman up and tell him that I am pregnant! All natural!!!!

I can’t thank Herman enough for providing me with the tools to relax and enjoy life. We look forward to the arrival of our second child this Summer, 2008!

Dawn Gray

Herman -

Thanks for fixing my neck & shoulder. You made a 6 buoy difference!

Hope to see you next time we're @ Warman's !

Thanks again!


To: Herman

From: Nancy Gray

I was introduced to Herman by my daughter-in-law who has been going to him for some time with issues she was having. After seeing the positive results she has achieved, I decided I would see if he could help me with some issues I was having.

The first one was falling asleep in a timely manner and staying asleep all night long. This has been a problem for me for many years.

Herman was able to give me the tools I needed to work through this problem.

Another issue I have been dealing with is weight loss and general fitness. I needed help in sticking to a healthy life style and not just being good every now and then.

I've been trying for years to stay on a routine of healthy diet and active physical fitness and tended to go in spurts a few weeks at a time of being good and then going back to the unfit life style. I am happy to say Herman has also helped me with this issue.

I have always been a fan of affirmations and Herman gave me several which have helped me a lot. The one I like the best is: “Each and every day I get better and better in every way.”

If you are dealing with any issues such as the ones I've been dealing with or something different, I highly recommend talking with Herman. I have no doubt that he will be able to help you.

 Thanks Herman!

From: Don

" I have had intermittent back pain for over 25 years due to an accident while serving with USAF. I have been through the gamut of remedies: from physical therapists, rehabilitation specialist, sports medicine experts, masseuse, doctors, and chiropractors.

After talking with Herman, after having a particularly bad back spasm episode, he asked if he could try his myo-skeletal and trigger point techniques on my back. I thought that maybe he could do something others could not and agreed to his procedures. Herman was able to settle the muscles down and get my back unstressed enough for me to get on with my day to day activities.

As an airline pilot who travels around the world, sitting for hours on end in a cramped cockpit environment, it is absolutely imperative that my spine, back and supporting muscles are comfortable and relaxed to carry me through my job.

Herman has been able to work his magic to assist me in getting on with my life, my job, and my active sports regimen. His techniques have been instrumental in keeping my pain under control and my back relatively normal. Staying active is a major part of my lifestyle, travel, sports, continued military reserve duty are just a few of the things that require me to stay healthy and focused. Herman has been a big part in allowing me to continue with my life.


Donald Schloth

Airline Pilot

USAF Reserve Officer






We’re working on setting up our 2008 State High School Track Coaching Convention/ Clinic, and we’d love to have you come back up for some sessions. Your sessions received great reviews last year, and it sounded like you were really just scratching the surface in terms of some of the things you were able to cover. Any chance you’d be interested in coming back up? 

The event is January 18-19, again in Everett. Let me know if that’s a possibility, and/or if you have questions about it.

WSTFCA/ Seattle Academy






I wanted to let everyone know that after losing my Mother this pass August, I stopped working out, which was a habit I thoroughly enjoyed.

I started to settle her estate and in doing so it involved many 12 -14 hour days of manual labor. At first I thought the extra activity would be good for me. I thought after four months of intense work I would be able to stop and spring right back to my normal routine.

I was incorrect. I found myself so sore that I could hardly move. This lasted for approximately one month. I began to worry. It finally got so bad that I was not moving... period... my hip froze up.

I made an App. with my General Practitioner. I had X-rays taken and got a prescription for oral cortisone. My pain started to go away and as the pills ran out my pain returned. Sound familiar...

I called my friend Herman Johnson... yeah we all know Herman. I cannot believe the results. My hip was no longer hurting, and my pain the neck was greatly relieved. I talked with Herman on a follow up call that he made. He was pleased I was feeling better.

He must get tired everyone telling him how great he is. However, I'm sure it's a good type of tired. I would like to Thank Herman again, for learning to relieve pain and more importantly on how to treat people with respect and a genuine professionalism that you can't put a price on.

Thanks Again, Marilyn Opray


I would like to include you in GMGC Play Golf America Day on Saturday May 14. A Play Golf America Day is a demo/instruction day. We are expecting Adams Golf, Bridgestone golf and Rife Putters to be on site. 

All the professionals will be giving free 10-minute lessons. Physical Therapist John Majerus will be there too. And we are working on more. I would like you to be on site to talk to people individually or conduct a group seminar or ? Whatever you think would work at an event where most people are going to come unannounced.

Whatever your plan becomes for this event, I would like to solidify it by the end of March so I can start promoting. 

Helping to make golf a better game,

Kevin D. Coombs,

PGAOwner/General Manager - Beacon Rock Golf Course

Celebrating 40 Years of Fun, Friendly and Affordable Golf in the Columbia River Gorge

General Manager - Green Mountain Golf Course

Consistently Exceeding Expectations

Sub​ject: my story

Hi Herman! 

I know many people can benefit from what you do. Oh, you had asked me who wrote the energy tapping book I bought. It was Fred P. Gallo, PH.D. and Harry Vincenzi, ED.D. Good book so far. 

Even has a section on helping with food allergies, which would be great! As promised, here is my "anonymous" story. I have been suffering from anxiety for the last couple of years with periodic anxiety attacks. When my anxiety would get bad, I would suffer from constant chest pain. 

My chest pains were getting so bad that I was beginning to think I better get my heart checked out, which was causing even more anxiety. I prayed that I would find a way to deal with this anxiety and to get better. 

That's when Herman came into my life. He is amazing! Herman is so good at what he does and has helped me tremendously! My chest pains are gone, and I am dealing with stress and anxiety better! 

Herman is such a happy spirit who can be of great benefit to anyone!  

Thank you for helping me, Herman! 

I hope that my story can help you. 

See you soon!